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Develp Strengthens Ethereum by Encouraging Client Diversity

We are committed to increasing network decentralisation and supporting minority client development and adoption

Develp GmbH supports Ethereum staking protocols with core infrastructure and operational services. We strive to provide high-quality, reliable services to partnering protocols operating Ethereum nodes.

Key focuses

Network decentralisation

Develp seeks partnerships with staking protocols to promote greater geographical distribution of Ethereum node operators. Widely spread infrastructure promotes network health and longevity.

Minority client adoption

Develp is committed to running minority clients in its operations. By doing so, we improve the network’s health and resilience against isolated bugs and attacks.

Client development

Develp contributes resources, and shares insights and potential improvements, with client teams to support minority client development.

We draw on the skills and expertise of the Nimbus client team to provide our services and encourage the use of minority clients such as Nimbus. Furthermore, we seek to demonstrate the high performance and scalability characteristics of Nimbus by using the client in various node configurations as part of partnered staking protocols’ operations.